The Bridge of Magpies

Cross Art, Cross Culture: opera, dance, theatre, China and the UK. 

"Charming...a lovely tale well told"

"I took away from this the sheer power and effectiveness of telling a story through movement"  Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill.


Performed at the Tete a Tete New opera festival at The Place, London in August 2019.  A spectacular cross art production, the moving story of how a star weaving Goddess falls for a humble cow heard boy, inducing the wrath of the God's and how the magpies come to their aid. A classic Chinese folktale which touches universal themes and emotions. 

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'The Bridge of Magpies' is a multidimensional project incorporating opera, dance, and storytelling. It aims to promote cross-cultural learning and discussion between the UK and China; to give a platform to skilled artists from both cultures.

Originally premiered a sell-out version of this production at China Exchange in September 2017, which was curated by Freya Aitken-Turff it went on to be developed as a cross art dance and opera piece under the direction of Sarah Hutchinson with songs in Mandarin and English; an example of Chinese culture, art and music, offering an opportunity to bridge cultures, British and Chinese.


Stories of Serendipity

"absorbing, funny, uplifting" Audiences
"poignant and sensitive story-telling with exciting style and vision" Luke Olfield
"It was a gentle, graceful, and simply told collection of stories about how the characters’ lives are shaped by small but significant events".

"Using elements of physical theatre, dance and storytelling are neatly interwoven, complemented by live music. The three actors move well together. There are moments of playfulness, humour, sadness and hope – as we follow the narrative that starts from someone finding and handing in a lost watch.
The message behind the story is to stay open to the ‘serendipitous gifts’ that may fall in your path. Those who are more open to serendipity are more likely to experience it.
Little gems like this often go under the radar – so if you enjoy theatre that has a quiet magic to it, and brings out your sense of wonder, do check this one out
." Dedee W, The Thirteenth Floor.

Director, and creator of original theatre and dance Sarah Hutchinson has broken boundaries for twelve years: her vivid and often moving pieces have been greeted with acclaim all over the country from venues as varied as Edinburgh Festival, Salisbury Playhouse, London’s Theatre 503, Salisbury Arts Centre.


In 2017 she took the step to set up Sister Sarah...


“My first own-company, terrifying but exciting - it was the right thing to do, after years of racing around creating new theatre solo and on a shoe string"


Sister Sarah is Sarah’s production base for her genre of created original film and performances  for stage using cross-art elements including, dance, music, visual art and text. Her work aims to be meaningful and relevant to its audiences, promoting diversity and cross-cultural understanding, reaching out to all communities and age ranges; “awakening hearts through universal stories that reach to the core of human experience”. 

Since becoming established as a company Sister Sarah 


“In addition to our mainstream work, we run educational workshops for the young which develop skills in and a passion for performing arts, bolting on its future in their hearts and minds. Our adult audiences can also benefit from our Expressive Arts Experiences. These will uncover  creative potential across many mediums,  enabling fun, joyful expression and opportunities for deeper insights emerging from the work.  Above all they’ll bring people together through shared experiences.”










Director: Sarah Hutchinson 





I Know You Short Film 2019

The Bridge of Magpies Dance/Opera for Tete A Tete at The Place 2019. 

Lucia Di Lammermoor Fulham Opera at The Arcola, Grimebourne Fest, 2018. 

Stories of Serendipity  Cross Art, Devised, for Sister Sarah; 

The Seven Ages Devised for Platform Arts, Movement Director;                             

Lucia Di Lammermoor by Donizetti for Fulham Opera;                                        

The Never Ending Story, Original Musical for BYMT;

A Christmas Crothcit, at Theatre 503;

Garcia Lorca's Blood Wedding"The best i've seen...for all the right reasons" Head of Drama, Brookfield School Hampshire.

New Writing by the Out of Joint group at Salisbury Playhouse for Theatre Casino;

Invisible Cage, exploring issues of human trafficking with writer Sally Lewis, at Edinburgh Festival;

River, Rain & The Michael Collins Moment, Salisbury Playhouse.

 A Midsummer Night’s Dream Community Theatre.                             

Alien Hymn at Warwick Arts Centre,






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Sister Sarah Productions Ltd, Registered at Companies House no 10593672. VAT no. and charity status pending. Reg address: 103 Elm Grove, Portsmouth, Southsea, PO5 1LH. Director S A Hutchinson (managing) & B Warnett. All rights reserved.