Neuro Dramatic Play for Children


SEN Provision

We run outdoor play and creative sessions for children with a variety of needs including ADHD, Autism, learning difficulties; behavioural, emotional and social challenges, for example suffering with anxiety or struggling to manage other strong feelings.


Sometimes verbal communication is a difficult way for young people to express themselves and feelings clearly, this can lead to negative behaviour and acting out., especially if a child already experiences a condition which makes them experience feelings intensely, sensory or other forms of overwhelm. 

Our sessions take place in nurturing nature environments, that help children to feel calm.  We enable children to express themselves through a variety of non-verbal means, including free play with puppets and animal figures; rhythmic play, clapping, body tapping, copying sounds and movement; projective art; exploring stories and role-plays.  Based on the principles of Neuro Dramatic Play, these creative mediums echo the key developmental stages of children from birth to pre-teens. Engaging in these activities can help to meet needs missed at these stages as well as allowing them to process current emotions, experiences and relationships in their life. 


In this low pressure, free environment, they can express themselves uncensored. The facilitator will give there full attention to the child, observing and reflecting what they see the child do and feel. In this way they can feel validated and valued.


From here it is possible to reflect upon and discuss their experiences, feelings and behaviour, explore ways to help them manage feelings going forwards and to develop a positive vocabulary to express their feelings and needs.