Sister Sarah hosts workshops and retreats designed to nurture creative expression across a range of mediums: movement, visual art, voice, writing, storytelling and theatre; while supporting emotional freedom, deepening awareness and inspiring positive change.

By entering into a state of creative flow, clarity can emerge as we drop the analytical mind and allow the body to lead. Ultimately we can experience ourselves as creative channels, this can alleviate self-consciousness as we allow creativity to move through us: the body to be danced, the hand to move on the page, the voice to emerge… through us not by us.

All sessions are supported by gentle yoga and grounding meditation to integrate experiences. 

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Sister Sarah also produces performances and film fusing movement, music & text. See performance page. This work serves to stir hearts and open minds, bringing people together through the shared experience of performance and leaving them inspired.


We aim to advance awareness in people of any age or ability level, of the educational value and interpersonal benefits offered by creating and participating in movement, storytelling, art, improvising and vocalisation. 

Executive Artistic Director and Facilitator Sarah Hutchinson:

Sarah is the senior director of the company, she facilitates workshops, retreats and directs productions.

"For many years I was involved in performance as an actor, improviser and mover. I then took the helm as a director and with Sister Sarah have produced successful theatre shows and short films. Along side all of this I have had a long interest in psychology, the works of Freud and Jung were studied through my MA and later I went on the complete a Diploma in Neuro Dramatic Play with Dr Sue Jennings, pioneering and highly respected Drama Therapist, founder of the first MA training in this and a font of much wisdom. http://www.suejennings.com/aboutsue.html  https://www.ndpltd.org/

With Sue I added to my knowledge of performance a range of tools for using drama along with sound and rhythm, art, story telling and play, as therapeutic tools. Rhythm, projective art and role plays are key at different stages of early child development. Revisiting these mediums can help to address unmet needs at these stages while they are also fantastic tools for self cultivation, exploring feelings, choices, communication and future visioning."

"I've been facilitating cross art workshops for a decade now, both in collaboration with other facilitators and independently. With Alexia Magdalena, "Life Music" facilitator I lead yoga and movement improvisation alongside her music improv sessions, no wrong notes, no mistakes... this lead to a free flow session where participants moved between vocalising, playing percussion or xylophone, moving or all together! It was a very tribal experience, which I think is what people need in this day and age!"

"In my own workshops I warm people up with a range of free movement exercises or games with sound. I offer stimuli for moving, free drawing or writing through music, reading a poem or a story. We may explore a range of themes pulled from a myth or from our own experiences; relationship to our own creativity, to how the different parts of ourselves relate, to the network of relationships in our lives. In a recent session participants danced with their creativity in the form of an animal.

A state of flow with a range of mediums is encouraged and we will often jam improvisationally with a range of mediums. Mediations for insights, visualisations and role plays can all be included as is appropriate to the theme of the session and participants. While enjoying a state of flow is key I also encourage deeper reflection on feelings, relationships and communication with the aim of supporting positive change."

Sarah's training includes a BA Degree in Theatre and Performance at The University of Warwick, Meisner technique: emotional authenticity for actors, and Physical Theatre Ensemble improvisation with Duende Theatre.

As one of the JMK Regional Directors group, Sarah has worked alongside leading theatre figures including Max Stafford Clark, Lisa Spirling and Jeremy Herrin.

Whether as a director, facilitator or performer she has been variously welcomed at many leading venues including Chichester Festival Theatre, The Place, London, Edinburgh Festival, Salisbury Playhouse and Arts Centre, Theatre 503 London and The Nightingale Theatre, Brighton amongst others.

Sarah is a FreeSpace Artist associated with Studio WayneMcGregor, Wayne is the current resident choreographer for The Royal Ballet and multi award-winning choreographer. 



Before the pandemic in 2019 Sister Sarah produced "The Bridge of Magpies" performed at "The Place" London. Sarah directed with a stella cast and creative team, and also made a short film, "I Know You", co-produced with MET Film.

"It was an intense year! The lock down has given me time to reflect in my goals and ambitions going forward. I'm very proud of what i've achieved for stage and screen but am now making more space for my art consultation work and creative therapy programs. Taking what i've learned in my journey as an artist in theatre and film and bringing this experience to support emerging artists and those who would like to use creativity for personal development. I will always keep my hand in as an artist and the urge to create in theatre and film will always be with me, but perhaps not centre stage!" 


"The name Sister Sarah was originally suggested to me as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the Sally Army mission doll in the musical “Guys and Dolls”. I wasn't sure at first but shortly after I saw a cheese in a shop named "Sister Sarah", I took it as a sign. I like the connotations of a sister as a member of family and friend, someone who is there for you as a guide and support... a creative "big sister". No Christian religious meanings are intended but I guess you could say i'm devoted to creativity as an expression of the soul."

Relevant Training:


Theatre and Performance Studies University of Warwick, 2000-2003, 2:1.

Postmodernism: Philosophy & Psychology MA Royal Holloway, 2003-2004

Meisner Technique, Brighton UK. Learning to react in the moment and be emotionally authentic as a performer. 2005/6 I also met William Esper and observed training in his New York studio. 2013

Body Voice with Britt Forsberg at ACT in Brighton, voice and movement training. 2005/6

Physical Theatre Ensemble with John Britton, plus solo and group improvisation workshops with: Kate Hilder, Andrew Morrish, London. 2012/13

Authentic Artist training, mentored by Director Kath Burlinson, work shopping pieces of my writing for stage, directing and facilitating groups under her guidance. 2012

JMK Regional Directors Mentored by Lisa Spirling, Jeremy Herrin & Max Stafford Clark.

Neuro Dramatic Play Diploma with Dr Sue Jennings, 2017

Directing and theatre making:

I Know You Short Film, co-produced by MET Film School, 2019.


The Bridge of Magpies  Chinese myth with opera and dance, for Tete a Tete Fest at The Place, London, 2019

The Never Ending Story BYMT devised musical. 2018

Lucia di Lammermoor  By Donizetti Revival for Fulham Opera at Grimebourne Festival,  Arcola Theatre. Producer & Director. 2018                                        


Lucia de Lammermoor Fulham Opera, Assistant director, to Jim Mangenelo 2017


Stories of Serendipity  Development space & sharing.   Salisbury Arts Centre Feb 2o17


A Christmas Cratchit  by Alec Selwyn Theatre 503, London   2016


Stories of Serendipity  Sister Sarah Tour 2016/17

                                        Synergy Centre Brighton 25th, 26th Nov 2016

                                        Salisbury Arts Centre, 15th Feb 2017

                                        Brighton and Edinburgh Festivals 2017 


Explore   BYMT UK Musical Theatre, workshops and productions. May 2016-present.


No 60 to the Somme by Greg Mosse and Carol Godsmark, Riverside Theatre, Chichester. Assistant to Roger Redfarn. Sep-Nov 2015


Moving Tales Distraction Dance Co, Portsmouth. Development workshops for verbatim inspired dance piece based on recent interviews and oral histories from Portsmouth and Hampshire area, along with family history. Performances, Hampshire, Spring 2016.


Christmas Show Abstract Performing Arts Centre, Portsmouth. Selection of scenes and songs from well known musicals. 12/2014  (Ages 7-16)                                                                                             

Invisible Cage devised in collaboration with new writer Sally Lewis, Edinburgh Festival, 2014.


Theatre Casino, Salisbury Playhouse, two pieces of new writing, River by Linda Morse and Rain by Daniel Page 03/2014


Authentic Artist Training  assisting Director Kath Burlinson. 02/2014


The Michael Collins Moment by Ruby Carr, The Salisbury Playhouse, New writing. 01/2013


Moving Tales  initial development with Laban dance specialists, Rebecca Stancliffe and Hannah Martin, improvising dance in response to extracts of my writing, short stories.  08/2013 on going.


Performing at the Edge, with DUENDE, Lesvos, Greece. Pat of physical theatre ensemble. Devising and performing solos and duets, "Psychosis" and "Oppression", site specific. July 2013


Invisible Cage Devised, physical theatre inspired by stories of human trafficking, using movement, music and puppetry. Scratches performed at The Beehive Portsmouth (2012) and Wemsfest, Emsworth. 09/2013


As You Like It, Shakespeare, set in 1940s, celebrating fashion, music and dance of the era, The Bishopsfield Theatre, Fareham. 11/2013


Artistic Director, The Bishopsfield Theatre, Fareham – overseeing production management, scheduling, marketing and front of house. 2013


Blood Wedding, Lorca, physical theatre and dance with flamenco music. BFT Fareham. 03/2013


The House of Bamboo, devised musical, inspired by film noir, set in New York, BFT, Fareham. 2012


The Tempest, Shakespeare, BFT, Fareham. 2011


Theatre for All, Youth Music Theatre UK, running four day intensive workshops in schools, young people worked with professional directors, choreographers and musical directors to produce an original piece of Musical Theatre. 2011


A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare. Community theatre, Patching, West Sussex.


Production Manager Codpiece Theatre Drama society, University of Warwick


East vs West Directing debut, physical theatre and movement set to the music of Philip Glass, exploring the differences and conflicts between the Eastern and Western worlds.





Vlad, Shauna & Maria Invisible Cage Edinburgh 2014


Brunhilde A Viking’s Tale with SOOP Theatre, Havant. Children’s Theatre. 2013


Roger, Parrots of the Caribbean and Sangria, The Vampire Strikes Back with Cloak and Dagger, murder mystery. Touring, stage.


Queen, Monk and Witch, The Flying Monk, SOOP Theatre, Havant, devised, physical theatre play, stage.


Popov, The Bear, Chekov, Lewes Repertory Theatre, Directed by Rikki Tarascus, stage.


Eve, The Bin Man, played the role of an unfortunate victim of an internet date which went fatally wrong. Film, short.


Weronika, Death’s Door, Drop Dead Theatre, murder mystery play.




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