Even if you haven't picked up a paintbrush since childhood or have never taken a dance class, creativity comes into so many things; cooking, planning events, decorating, and, it can be cultivated.

In these sessions you will have the opportunity to loosen your inhibitions and explore new territory. Most importantly THERE ARE NO MISTAKES! Everyone is at the perfect place on their journey exploring creative expression.

Through playful games and exercises you will effortlessly find yourself moving, vocalising, painting or writing. As we drop the critical and analytical mind we find that creativity is bursting to move through us, we just have to get out of the way. 

Our creative flames burn all the brighter for coming together. With a shared intention for all to put aside critical judgements and give permission for experimentation, we can reduce self-consciousness and feel free to express creatively in the safety of the group. Building confidence in this environment can develop the ability to take more risks in life outside.  

As we enter a state of creative flow, the chattering mind quietens down, feelings are more accessible and we can experience insights from a deeper place of knowing. This can aid us in gaining clarity around our personal needs, relationships or next steps. It can also apply to strategies for wider social, environmental or global issues which we can individually and collectively take action upon.  

“Sarah is great, vibrant and positive” Becky Paton, creative writer.


"Gentle but very powerful, pushed out of my comfort zone without realising it" Participant, Osho Leela

"Learn a bit more about yourself...reconnect. I would definitely recommend" Participant, massage therapist and PT.

Sarah has the unique ability to put people as ease, build their confidence and cultivate trust. Leading by example, unapologetically being herself and showing fallibility, she gives others permission to do the same. Acknowledging that self-consciousness and fear may always be there, they do not have to stop us from being freely expressive - dancing, singing, creating.  


Sessions can be adapted to the needs and interests of the group and will vary in content but here as an example: 

-Warm up games: copying lead movements, throwing and catching balls or bean bags, copying rhythms using clapping and body sounds, combining sounds and movements.  

-Free scribbling: with a choice of different coloured crayons, letting your hand lose on the page, no planning or hesitating.  

-Stream of consciousness writing: the first thing that comes into your head goes down on the page.  

-Creating layers of sound as a group, dropping in and out with vocal sounds, rhythms with hands or feet.  

-Putting together free art and writing, noticing any patterns or connections between them. Relating to personal experiences. Creating a still image together in response, bringing this to life with music and movement. Creating sounds that reflect the feeling.  




















If a particular theme is relevant to a group we may move from warming up with free art to more structured exercises which focus on an issue or feeling. Listening to a related story can inspire more art in response which takes participants deeper into the theme and their own relationship to it. This can lead to insights as well as further creative exploration.  



Our personal stories and experiences are often universal in their content, the feelings and issues which they touch upon are recognisable and relatable. If there is a particular relationship or issue in your life which you would like to work through this can be facilitated through drama and role play. Other members of the group can represent the key people involved and you can have the opportunity to explore dramatically current or past situations relevant. You might want to replay a scenario, then reflect on different bahavioural or communicative approaches, before trying these out dramatically. You might want to rewrite scenes from your past, or rehearse for future anticipated events or conversations. Your visions and dreams can also be brought to life experientially through sculpting images and dramatic enactments. 

Everything is an invitation. While you are encouraged to challenge yourself, authenticity is prized, saying when you need to step back and observe or pause and take a moment is fully supported.