"gentle but very powerful, pushed out of my comfort zone without realising it" Participant, Osho Leela.

"a brilliant evening of storytelling, voice and laughter… Sarah is a great vibrant, positive teacher… Feeling renewed and nourished and ready for the world once again" Becky Paton, Writer.


As a professional theatre director I have a creative philosophy which underpins my work and life,
I feel passionately that this is transferable to other spheres of both the creative and  personal. I enjoy supporting people to be authentic, find clarity, confidence and freedom in all they do. 
Life Theatre Workshops
I hold group workshops in Life Theatre which bring together my broad experiences with theatre and personal development. Safe, supportive circles where participants are free to be as they are, without judgement.
Activities include:
- Playful games and movement exercises to access spontaneity and drop the critical mind.
- Enacting and embodying archetypal myths, taking on powerful archetypes to release inner potential and express feelings. 
-Co-creating as a group your own versions of known myths and stories, creating new ones, performing with movement, vocal sound, with or without spoken text. Embodying a person, aspects of a person, God or Goddess, animal, an element or object. The possibilities are endless. 
-Participants are invited to explore what is relevant to them at that moment, and with my support to explore scenarios or design rituals which serve them. This may include visiting scenarios from the past or present, with others in the group taking on roles of the relevant other people, as selected by the individual working. These create opportunities to speak the unspoken, release held feelings from the past or rehearse new ways of communicating for current situations. Participants can try role reversing, stand back to watch a scene unfold, to gain insight and try different behavioural approaches. We may also fast forward to imagined futures, using drama to actively embody future intentions and support manifestation. 
The atmosphere is one of playfulness, where space is allowed for depth along with lightness and fun. There are regular opportunities to reflect and people can share about their personal experiences in the exercises, without trying to a analyse or advise others. 
Days always include elements of relaxation, meditation and visualisation to support integration and well being. 
My Background:
Originally training in Theatre and Performance I have worked as a performer and theatre director, always with a focus on authenticity and using performance as a tool for enacting positive change. My interest in personal development and well being, has lead me to explore drama, play and theatre as tools for personal development. Psychoanalysis has long been of interest to me and I made both Freud and Jung specialist areas of research through my MA Studies. I have also been greatly influenced by the work of Grotowski and Moreno through their writings on group explorations. 
Most recently I have had the pleasure to train with Sue Jennings, founder of the first MA in Drama Therapy in Neuro Dramatic Play, a system which uses the early developmental experiences of children with Drama and Play as a basis for practise with older children and adults using Drama and Play activities to address early un-met needs, deepen awareness and positively enhance life. Please feel free to contact with any questions. 
Confident Communication
These sessions warm up with games and exercises which release inhibitions and promote spontaneity. We move onto storytelling games and exercises which put people effortlessly into positions where they are pulling focus. 
Tools on how to manage nerves and deliver with maximum impact are modelled and experimentally embedded.

Dance Freedom

Lose your mind and find your body.

Journey through space and movement, still and tranquil to joyful and ecstatic and back again.

Go at your own pace, be in the moment, let go of inhibitions and judgments.

Connect in an atmosphere of acceptance, support and non-judgment.

Enjoy a musical melange: blues & jazz, African & Indian, beats, disco, swing, soul.

Let the dance dance you.

All are welcome, no previous dance experience required, ideal for anyone nervous about public dancing or who just loves to move!

Sound and Movement

In this workshop we return to the primal experience of making vocal sound and moving in unison. Tribal people in Africa and Native Americans appreciated the value of expressing in this way to find a deeper connection with each other and spirit. 

Gentle guided exercises will encourage you to explore freely the possibilities of your body and voice, gradually integrating the two into a flow of sound and movement. No solos will be expected, you will find your own rhythm within the collective group sound and movement expression. 

Building confidence and losing inhibitions you will forget self consciousness and find freedom in sound and movement. 

Joy, release, celebration and ecstasy. 


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